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Coaching Services

Kindle Your Life Coaching

Laser Coaching!

Find the solution you seek in a matter of minutes!

Effective and efficient, we work together to identify, clarify, and move forward enabling you to find the solution you seek in a matter of minutes. Extremely useful when dealing with a specific issue or situation.

Individual, 45-minute telephone session $100


Inspiration & Problem Solving

Discover your values, your vision, and the steps needed to make the changes needed to fully reach your goals.

Seeking a solution to a specific dilemma or problem, perhaps one that has become a pattern? Could use the accountability and momentum of regularly scheduled coaching sessions? Then my introductory package is right for you. Working together we discover your values, your vision, and the steps needed to make the changes needed to fully reach your goals.

3 telephone sessions, and 1 e-mail support as a supplement. $450


Motivation & Sustainable Change

Make your commitment to change last forever!
If you are looking to make a more lasting and sustainable change in your life or practice, this is the package I recommend.

During our 3 months together, we discover your values and your true potential, and be inspired to make the necessary changes. We also work regularly to keep you motivated, in action, with your goal in sight.  Goal setting, and creating a framework for achieving those goals allows us to fully address any obstacles that arise, and develop alternative strategies and perspectives to overcome them.

9 telephone sessions, over 3 months, with 3 e-mail supplements , one after every third session. $1,200.


Ultimate Success Coaching

With more time comes stronger commitment and a greater likelihood you will not get stuck in the quitting zone!
(link) Here we work together to implement the plan, further identifying your strengths and any new obstacles, refining your goals, with review and revision of strategies as required.

12 telephone sessions over 4 months, with 4 follow up e-mails and 2 trouble-shooting calls or a 20 minute ‘laser’ coaching session. $1,500.


BONUS Excellence Package!

You are among the 1% of people who strive for excellence, AND WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE IT. You have successfully set and achieved your goals, and want to continue to MOVE yourself from good to GREAT.

You need a true partner to get there. You need a coach. This is YOUR package. This is only available to those who have completed a total of 12 weeks or more of coaching with me. This will involve 4 sessions during the year, 3 months apart, where the activities, goals, challenges, and wins of the past 3 months are reviewed, and goals for the next 3 months are set. One of these sessions, usually the first one of the year, and will be an extra 30 minutes long, to include goal setting for the entire year ahead. This package also includes a Bonus Brainstorming session, for any significant decision or change you wish to make in your life.

4 telephone sessions over 1 year. $350.