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BONUS Excellence Package

BONUS Excellence Package!

You are among the 1% of people who strive for excellence, AND WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE IT. You have successfully set and achieved your goals, and want to continue to MOVE yourself from good to GREAT.

You need a true partner to get there. You need a coach. This is YOUR package. This is only available to those who have completed a total of 12 weeks or more of coaching with me. This will involve 4 sessions during the year, 3 months apart, where the activities, goals, challenges, and wins of the past 3 months are reviewed, and goals for the next 3 months are set. One of these sessions, usually the first one of the year, and will be an extra 30 minutes long, to include goal setting for the entire year ahead. This package also includes a Bonus Brainstorming session, for any significant decision or change you wish to make in your life.

4 telephone sessions over 1 year plus Bonus Brainstorming session $350 per year.