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Merci Miglino, PCC Speaker, Trainer and CoachRaji was just meant to be a coach! As one of her Learning Leaders at the International Coach Academy I witnessed first hand Raji’s competency and capacity as a coach. She has the commitment and discipline evidenced by her schooling, as a physician and as a certified professional coach, to help others bridge the gap between what they have and what they want. All with the heart and soul of a born healer! She can listen with focus; intuitively supporting her clients with structure action plans while challenging them to step into their full potential as both a health professional and person.

Merci Miglino, PCC Speaker, Trainer and Coach

Thanks to Raji, I faced some of my deepest insecurities and… cleared away some of the stumbling blocks on my path to success! Raji’s coaching helped me redefine my life, and enjoy more fulfilling experiences. I now move forward with a greater sense of self- confidence and assurance.
Raji’s feedback was just what I needed and was very timely and appropriate. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to get in one of the most prestigious courses in Boy Scouts called Wood Badge this month!
I am now in the process of choosing a careers that we spoke about in our very first session. It is a work in progress but I know I will achieve my goal of financial independence!


Raji helped me improve relationships, with my only family, while treating myself with respect too. I have to give her much credit, I have a lot of training and high standards and Raji meet all of them!
I have a couple of new lifetime and daily goals thanks to Raji, and they have a huge bearing on my ability to be a good coach, sister, and friend. And her biggest gift …was an open and understanding ear to a situation I live with and other people run from... dealing with grief and loss.

Raji never forgot that I have the power to fix my problems. I love her sense of humour, her ‘take no crap’ attitude (which I need as a strong person) and her humanity. No perching up top and telling me what to do, but being human and sharing some of herself when necessary.

I got lucky, very lucky, to have found Raji. She is a part of my heart now. I am forever changed in many ways as a result of our time together and I have been blessed to know such a special soul who will go on to change many lives with her coaching.


I knew I had potential like an antique but our sessions have proven to me that I am not a dusty antique. I am polished and gleaming. I KNOW what I am worth and I am priceless.
Raji nudged me forward towards the realization that I am the owner of ‘that’ valuable piece of something together with hundreds of other treasures. I AM THE WHOLE STORE.
I had always considered myself a strong person, I am now enhancing that strength, finding out that I have more strength and focusing on them one at a time enriching myself through it all. It’s been life altering!


I was thinking too hard about the right way to be and the right things to say. Raji helped me learn to lighten myself up a little and let my natural pace and inner strengths guide me.
Very quickly I felt like I could trust that her questions were aimed toward my growth. In one particularly pivotal session, Raji’s skillful coaching and allowed me to rise above my tendency to judge, benefiting the client and our future relationship greatly.


Raji and I dealt with a lot of my anxiety about certain things I had to do, for example, at one point I was really freaking out about stinking on the quantitative section of the test I have to write and another time it was regarding a scholarship proposal I had start planning.
Raji always redirected my perspective to my ultimate goal and then asked me to assess how critical it was that I complete what I was focusing on successfully, but also think about what a small puzzle piece it was to the big picture. I learned a great tool from Raji - to assess everything I had to do in terms of how necessary and how urgent it was. I still do this all the time.
All I can say is that I KNOW working towards my goals with Raji has had a positive impact, and the process to this point looked a lot prettier with her than without her.
Raji is very warm, supportive, and empathetic. She builds rapport very quickly. She could tackle the heavy things, like relationship issues, to an easy reflection on the idea of happiness, so in that way, she was able to talk about anything.